PrendsUnRisque: Canadian Deals Site offering Adrenaline Activities

Over the past few months, we have been working on a Deals site for a client, using Affinity’s Branded Savings Website and Nearby Deals App. Apart from what we offer in the off-the-shelf solution, the client came in with his own customization requests. It was fun to work on this project and we look forward to release the beta version soon. is a Canadian Deals site offering adrenaline and thrill activities to its customers.

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Restaurant Promotions that have Driven Sales

While most bakeries are using Groupon to sell their goods, an action we at Aaron Allen & Associates do not advise, Butter Lane Bakery offered customers an experience to share a baking class with family and friends in a professional kitchen as a restaurant promotion. Continue reading

McDonald’s testing its first Mobile Ordering App

McDonald’s is testing a mobile order and payment app at 22 locations in Columbus, Georgia, to give customers more payment options and speed them drive-through and counter lines.

Aimed to improve customer experience of the Millennial and other digitally connected consumers, the McDonald Ordering app will make users be able to skip lines and speed through the drive-thru. Continue reading

Building Mobile App for your College: Amateurs vs Professionals

If you think a professional is expensive, wait ’til you try an amateur – Paul “Red” Adair

Further research in the ongoing trends in Private Universities in India came up with some strange and unexpected outcomes. Universities in India especially in India are driven by three main factors- Save your money in whichever way you can, charge the highest possible and feasible fees you can from the poor students who couldn’t make it to the dream institutes like IIT and NIT’S , Showcase the projects done by the students in a way that no one could have come with a better discovery than this but their own students.The surprising fact is that the parents don’t even bother to do a background research on the same, it’s the word of mouth that prevails here in India.
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Universitas360 College App for Administration, Students and Teaching Faculty

My recent discussions  with  students from various colleges and courses was indeed a fruitful one. It brought out a number of  concerns which we wouldn’t have thought of  had there been no interaction at all. When our technical team designed Universitas360, we had some rigorous brainstorming sessions to bring out all the concerns we faced when we were in college. Continue reading

The Need for Advanced Mobility in Academic Institutions

Times have changed and so has the methodology of learning in colleges and schools. Practicality and implementation of ideas and concepts in real life is something that has been given some great importance off late. The students today(referred to as disciples earlier) are no longer the contended “easy to be convinced”  species. You have to tell them  all the pros and cons, applicability and most surprisingly the Rate Of Return of a particular course they plan to study. Hence it comes as no surprise to me when I hear of some really unconventional course structures, it is only after that you are briefed about them that you get to know how apt they are in today’s time! Continue reading

Universitas360 College App Push Notifications

Twelth class board examinations have been one of those tough and torturing times for all Indian kids, facing tremendous pressure from parents and some “far off” relatives. The adrenaline levels would take a hit with a few hours to the declaration of results.

This event dates back to the early 1990’s when my sibling’s result was to be out anytime soon and we had that huge Pentium 1 desktop pc with a highly irritating ever loud modem, it spoke out so loud that our neighbors once came upto our house, asking us to lower the volume of our “supposedly broken” radio!(yes it was that loud) Continue reading

Mobile Apps – Savior for the Impatient Youth!

My parents were enthralled to finally have an account on facebook and to instantly receive and send messages free of cost. But there excitement was shortlived when they realised that their son was again a step ahead considering that I could do the same on mobility and in a chaos free way. I don’t have to switch on my desktop, wait for 5 minutes to let it boot up, another 5 minutes for the internet start! (Thanks to my FB app). Continue reading

Southampton University is using Conference & Abstract Management System

A faculty from Southampton University has contacted us about using Conference & Abstract Management System for hosting the UK Turbulence Consortium workshop 2014. The UK Turbulence Consortium first came into being in 1995 under the leadership of Professor Neil Sandham, University of Southampton. Continue reading

What is the fuss about mobile apps?

Working with start-ups has always fascinated me. They help to bring out the hidden talent in you, accustom you to various mindboggling situations and the most important of all-they help you to grasp the inside out of running a business and comprehend some vital decisions that make or break situations! Continue reading